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In the fridge

‘In the fridge’ is a wonderful game aimed at children aged 2 and below. At this age, kids absorb the world around them like a sponge. Their brains are very active all the time. ‘In the fridge’ will help your children learn how to name items found at your home. They will also find out where these things should be kept. Learning vocabulary has never been so easy and entertaining!




The application contains colorful images, original nursery rhyme and lots of vocabulary. It is also interactive – tap the characters and see how they smile or blink their eyes.




- colorful hand-made images
- interactive characters who can smile and blink their eyes
- introductory story containing an original nursery rhyme
- useful vocabulary and phrases
- deciding what you shouldn’t keep in the fridge
- helping your children develop their brightness
- no awards but satisfaction of helping others guaranteed
- educational and moral value


The game was designed in such a way as to strengthen ties with your children. It is advisable that you play with them and name the objects which show up on the screen as it will help your little ones learn faster and more effectively. 
Moreover, as there are no prizes in this game, children will learn that they shouldn’t always expect to be awarded for helping other people.